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Enrollment and More Information

Innovative Entrepreneurship $699

*Certificate of Completion

This core course is a collection of practical classes that move your business idea to an operational business.  This collection will also ensure your ability to effectively plan and maintain your Entrepreneurial journey. 


Tuition includes all classes in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Curriculum, the Marketplace resources, and  T.E.D.2 ($135+ Value)


*Classes may be taken in any order

Included Classes 

1) Entrepreneurial thinking

2) Is it a business or a hobby

3) How to Launch

4) Developing the Brand

5) Critical Business Thinking

6) Critical Business Skills

7) Planning the Website

8) Value Creation

9) Digital Innovation

10) Social Innovation

11) Financing Profitability

12) Digital Marketing

13) Developing an Abundance Mindset

14) Service Minded

15) Social Entrepreneurship

16) Public Speaking

(Purchased individually: $40-$45, resources and assessments not included)

*Classes Begin 8/10/20

CLICK HERE for YoungEntrepreneur's curriculum. 

We are currently revamping this curriculum for a better youth experience, it will be available August 1, 2020  

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